A production house set to produce movies with a difference.

It is our belief that entertainment comes in many forms, all need not to be vulger. Humour can be produced with clean content and that is the niche we aim to carve for ourselves. Coming from the city of the father of Indian cinema, Shri Dadasaheb Phalke, we are dedicated to make sure that our cinemas live upto the standards set by him. R.T.M. started out as a dream envisioned by our creative head Smt. Chandra R. Talware and now actualised by Shri. Ramesh Talware, our C.M.D. from its inception days, R.T.M has been clear on its objectives and motives behind film-making.

 Making good family cinema
 high content quality & talent as well
 No compromise on quality for commercialism
 Strong pre-production
 Strict Production
 Flamboyant Promotion

Vision :
Here at RTM we have a vision of making a global presence of our production house, bringing India to the world.

Mission :
At RTM we believe that people are generally good but situations make one view them in different light, through our movies we aim at helping the masses see the good in their fellow humans as an underlying message and bring about a better society to live in.
Our objective is to target not only catch attention of the Indian crowds but also the international community which is awed by the Indian cinema.
At RTM our vision is to become a globally leading production house with our presence in every part of the globe where Indian cinema is in demand.
Our selection of vibrant youth inspiring movies is our first step in that direction. We aim to focus on expanding our reach of the audience step by step, by gaining their appreciation for our films.
Founder and CMD
A successful businessman with over 30 years of market experience in various fields like construction, real estate, advertising, distribution and now movie making.
One of the sweetest person anyone might ever come across, is our dear ma'am. She is the driving force behind everything in RTM.